Become the Rider You've Always Wanted To Be
Julie Mullins
Natural Healing Energy Therapist
Founder of Your Happy Horse

Getting On...or Giving Up?

Is your fear of riding stopping you from enjoying your horse?

Have you fallen out of love because the spooking or napping is too much for you to cope with?

Is your horse now just one very expensive field ornament that reminds you of your failures every time you look at them?

Are you constantly fighting your fears and trying to overcome them - and failing?

Can you remember what it feels like to actually enjoy your riding, and feel confident and successful? 

Are you feeling guilty because you get so frustrated and annoyed with your horse when things go wrong?


"Ride with your heart...not your ego"

Do you want to remove all the 'what if?' thoughts and build a better bond with your horse?

"As an experienced rider, I know how the fear of getting back in the saddle after a fall can take over. And how a spooky or nappy horse can destroy your confidence and question your ability as a rider.  

When this happens the relationship between you and your horse starts to break down, and before you know it, you've stopped riding and are spending all your time beating yourself up and comparing yourself to others. The more you try to think positive and be brave, the worse you feel.

It doesn't have to be like this. I can help rebuild your relationship with your horse, remove all past trauma and fear associations that either of you have, and have you back up and riding again on a calm, confident and  happy horse in just a few weeks. 

Using my equine experience, education and knowledge and combining this with different forms of energy healing and communication methods, all the triggers that create the fear and 'what if?' thoughts that hold you back can be removed. Each session is created to suit your own specific issues, so we can focus on exactly what you need, rather than taking a standard one-therapy-suits-all-approach. You can book sessions either for you, your horse, or both of you, and I will talk you through each option so we can find the best solution for you. Riding should be fun, not fear, and nothing should hold you back from becoming the rider you want to be."

Julie Mullins, Founder of Your Happy Horse

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Three Horses

"There’s one rides very sagely on the road,

Showing that he affects the gravest mode.

Another rides tantivy, or full trot,

To show much gravity he matters not.
Lo, here comes one amain, he rides full speed,
Hedge, ditch, nor miry bog, he doth not heed.
One claws it up-hill without stop or check,
Another down as if he’d break his neck.
Now every horse has his especial guider;
Then by his going you may know the rider …"

John Bunyan, ‘On the Horse and His Rider’.