Happy New Year!

And a big thank you...

to all my clients, subscribers, followers, and anyone else who I've messaged, spoken to and/or met throughout last year.

I hope you are all able to move forward into 2021 with health and happiness, and the belief that you are strong enough to embrace the challenges this year brings.

Because there will always be challenges. Learning curves, lessons, fears, call them what you like. The focus is on how you face and deal with them rather than what you name them. One of the best pieces of advice I have been given was by Les Flitcroft, Director of UK & Ireland Pranic Healing who said: "Be like water. When it reaches a boulder, it finds a way through. Whether that's round it, under it, over it, or even through it, nothing will stop it. It keeps going." I find myself thinking of that whenever I'm faced with an obstacle - and let's be honest, 2020 had plenty!

2020 was my first full year of running my own business full time, and I have had the absolute pleasure of helping so many riders and horses. Clients have become friends, and each horse I've met has stolen a little bit of my heart (as have all the dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs I've also treated along the way!). I have loved hearing all your success stories, and seeing you reconnect with your horses and going out riding again really makes my heart sing! Not to mention the stable vices that have been stopped, the injuries that have been healed, and good health maintained for both horse and rider.


I'm excited to announce that I have now set up a private Facebook group - and you are all invited to join! This is a closed group just for subscribers and clients. It's a place for you to easily keep in touch with me and connect to other like-minded riders, where we can celebrate our successes and pick out the positives from a bad day. This is very much 'your' group that will start small and grow to great things, and I am here to support you in whatever way you need. An invite will be with you soon.

Look forward to seeing you all there!


If you're struggling in any way at all, please book in for a telephone call and I will be happy to give you any help and advice for keeping you and your horse relaxed and stress-free throughout the lockdown.

Email: Julie@yourhappyhorse.com

Tel: 07850 465493