Back In The Saddle

I didn't start riding until I was an adult, and then spent several years helping out at a local riding school before buying my own horse. Believe me, I've had my fair share of 'moments.' I've been somersaulted through the air, landed face down and back down on the ground, and 'tanked off' with along a main road. So when circumstances forced me to hang up my boots, the self-preservation inside me breathed a hefty sigh of relief.

But in my heart - and my head - I knew I wanted to ride again. So after taking 9 years to recover from an accident (not a horse-related one!), I was finally able to think about getting back in the saddle.

Although physically nothing was stopping me, mentally I wasn't so sure. All those 'what if?' thoughts popped up. I was older, not as fit, out of practise, and certainly didn't want any more injuries. It all suddenly seemed very dangerous. And worst of all was that I was frightened to try, because if it went wrong, that would be it. I felt I would have to give up the idea forever. After living in hope for 9 years, it's not something you want to give away very easily.

When I first started treating horses, I had in mind to specialise in stable vices. But the more horses I treated, the more I discovered the struggles owners were facing with their lack of confidence. Some had not ridden for months, some even years. On a good day with a friend and a lot of courage, they would just about manage to walk around the school for a few minutes. Some couldn't even get past the mounting block without feeling physically ill.

Their horse, who had started out as their perfect partner, was spooky, nappy, and full of faults. They felt completely inadequate and believed their horse was worthy of far more than they could give. The stories were heart-breaking, with most owners on the verge of selling their horse and giving up.

I ran some trials and studies, and came up with a programme that works on both horse and rider to remove all the negative thoughts and emotions around any previous traumas they'd experienced. The results were amazing - even to me. So, I put my money where my mouth is, and treated myself using the exact same technique.

And here I am, back in the saddle, with no fear or anxiety. I didn't mind that my riding position wasn't perfect, my aids weren't as sharp as they could be. That is all to be expected after such a long gap. I can work on those. The important thing is that I'm relaxed, happy, and enjoying being in the moment as I amble along through the forest. Happy me, happy horse.

If anyone tells you to stop riding, or you'll never ride again, ignore them. You don't need that negativity in your life.

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Become the rider you've always wanted to be.