Bob: Spooking, Napping & Biting

Find out how Bob went from being too scared to leave his field, to taking part in an In-Hand Show

There was no obvious or logical reason for his behaviour. His back and saddle had been checked numerous times by professionals and there were no physical injuries found. The vets and equine behaviourists Fiona had consulted couldn't get to the bottom of why his reaction was so extreme.

"I gave up trying to ride him. It was so bad once, I ended up being airlifted to hospital. Even experienced and qualified instructor and trainers couldn't stay on him."

It wasn't just riding that was a problem. Bob had become too scared to even leave his field. He would spook, spin, kick and bite at anything and everything.

"Nobody will come near him. I dread the farrier coming, when I have to take him out the field and into the yard. It's a nightmare, and I feel at risk every single step of the way. When he spooks, I can't hold him. And he spooks almost every three steps we take. I can't even find out why, he goes along the same route and it's quiet. No traffic, no noise. It's just along the edge of the field, so there's nothing unexpected happening."

After four sessions, Bob was a very different horse.

"I'm so pleased. I'm even thinking about riding him again - something I never thought I'd do!"

Three months after Bob had finished his sessions, Fiona took him to a show. He came third in his in-hand class and according to Fiona he 'behaved impeccably.'

Congratulations Bob & Fiona!

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