Carol & Cass

"Had a fabulous lesson this afternoon - trotting around the schooling on our own and working over trotting poles - loved every minute of it."

Carol had lost her confidence after having several falls and injuring herself quite badly. Her relationship with Cass was deteriorating; the more nervous she felt, the more he spooked, and the more nervous she became.

Once this vicious circle of passing the fear from one to the other has been created, it's important to work on both horse and rider to break this down.

Cass absolutely loved his sessions, he completely relaxed and Carol very quickly started to notice the changes in him.

It didn't take long before Carol was riding again. She was confident, Cass was calm and they've progressed very quickly to lessons and are now out hacking again.

"First time out on a hack with Cass. It was brilliant! Cass was a star"

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