Karanne & Toots: Overcoming Fear

"After just two sessions, I found myself thinking about going out for a hack, and actually excited about going instead of dreading it."

Toots had a highly developed flight response when being ridden, and was very sensitive to other horses. She became very over-excited and would jog and bounce along, cantering on the spot and sometimes even go backwards. Karanne felt very nervous and anxious when riding, as Toots would get so excited, she'd stop listening and speed up. She spooked constantly, particularly when the weather was bad, and would always rush to go home.

After just a few sessions, working on both Karanne and Toots, Karanne started to look forward to riding, instead of finding excuses not to.

"Hi Julie, we had a lovely hack yesterday! In the field on the way back she heard some builders and a flock of birds took off. She got a bit stressy so we just stood quietly and waited till that feeling passed then carried on down the field. She walked beautifully. Am so pleased as we seemed to manage the stressful incident together. And we've only had two sessions!"

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