Lesley: Removing Rider Anxiety

Lesley is an experienced and competent rider, having owned and ridden horses for many years. Unfortunately she had several incidents with her previous horse, lost all her confidence, and gave up riding.

"Having completely lost my nerve with my last horse, I was at my wits end, sold my horse and told myself I was totally rubbish and unable to ride again.."

It wasn't long before Lesley realised how much she was missing having a horse in her life, and desperately wanted to start riding again. She signed up for the six week Calm & Confident Rider Programme, with an aim to be confident enough to start looking for a new horse.

After five sessions, Lesley was confident enough not only to ride again, but to start the search for a new horse of her own:

"last week I bought gorgeous Dino, when I tried him, I rang Julie in tears telling her that I had just, hacked, walk, trot and cantered and popped at couple of jumps, I can't describe it but the fear is a distant memory and my old self is back with a vengeance"

If you'd like to remove all fear and be a calm, confident and happy rider, give me a call on 07850465493 or email julie@yourhappyhorse.com