Niko Update

There is nothing that makes me smile more than receiving an update on a horse's progress, and this was was absolutely no exception.

Last year I met Niko, a three year old ex-racer who was starting his new life off the track with Nathalie.

Niko had various behaviour and physical issues, including weaving and Papillomatosis - commonly known as milk warts. Although the vet wasn't concerned about the warts, they had been there for a long time and were causing pain whenever Niko knocked or rubbed them. His weaving was severe, he wasn't ready to work, and his overall condition wasn't great. Nathalie had very wisely given him the time, patience and love needed so they could get to know one another and build up a relationship based on trust and understanding.

When you're faced with multiple issues, it's usually multiple changes that need to take place to get the best result. Whilst treating Niko and talking to Nathalie, it became clear that he wasn't settled at his livery yard. He hadn't bonded with his stable or field mates, and the yard routine and facilities just didn't suit his needs.

While Nathalie started looking for a new yard, I treated Niko's warts and worked on removing the trauma and fear associations that were affecting him. Within just a few weeks, the warts were all gone, and Nathalie had found a new yard.

"Niko is a completely different horse and has improved so much since moving. He is now under saddle in very light work to keep his mind occupied, he is very honest and kind. Thank you for helping us on our journey"

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