Success Stories!

Find out how natural healing energy therapy has benefitted horses and riders



Removing Rider Anxiety

"Having just had Julie do her 6 weeks riders confidence course I can honestly say I'm a different rider all together.  I can't describe it but the fear is a distant memory and my old self is back with a vengeance, I can't thank Julie enough, I'm looking forward to getting out and about again and doing what I love most."


Renegade, Weaving

"Renegade has stopped weaving completely. He's also a lot calmer. Much less likely to try and bite us. He even gave the Farrier a lick last time he was here!"


Lorenzo, Box Walking

"He just stopped walking and fell asleep. I've never seen him sleep in his stable. Actually, amend that...I've never seen him sleeping at all! 

He's so chilled out now."


Karanne & Toots

Horse & Rider In Harmony

"After just two sessions, I found myself thinking about going out for a hack, and actually excited about going instead of dreading it."


Carol & Cass

Horse & Rider In Harmony

"Had a fabulous lesson this afternoon - trotting around the schooling on our own and working over trotting poles - loved every minute of it."


Bob, Spooking

"Bob was a nightmare, to ride and to handle from the ground. Even going from his field to the stable was challenging, he would spook, rear and try and bolt every few seconds.

A few months after your therapy, I took him to an In-hand show, and he was amazing."


Boo, Swollen Legs

"Cannot recommend you highly enough you little miracle worker!!! She’s much happier and couldn’t believe the difference in size after her treatment!! "


Tara & Jack

Horse & Rider In Harmony

“I can’t thank you enough Julie, when we first met I was desperate, didn’t know what to do my nerves were terrible and my relationship was breaking down with my horse. 2 months on we are hacking out alone regularly, I am loving my lessons, I have attended clinics and a dressage competition. But the most important thing is I have built my relationship again and - as you promised - have fallen in love with my boy all over again. Thank you.”


Luca, Box Walking

"After Luca's third session he's only walking round a couple of times, very slowly - and this is just while he's waiting for his food. It's amazing the difference in him. He's definitely changed, even other riders at our livery yard are commenting on how chilled out and relaxed he is."